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Preparedness for a crisis is one of the most important elements in crisis management. A solid, well prepared crisis management plan is the foundation for a good handling during the crisis and post-crisis phases. But is there a totally foolproof plan? What makes a crisis management plan foolproof?

The answer is one and simple: No, there is no such a plan. Whatever we do, there are always uncertain factors which might affect the crisis management. These imponderables cover a vast spectrum of factors which start from the human element and extend to a variety of unpredictable issues.

The crisis management plan includes a number of possible issues based on a risk assessment analysis that every company frequently conducts. However, the list of risks cannot be exhausted. There is always an issue that requires an ad hoc approach.

There are two basic factors that protect the reputation of a company in a crisis:

  1. The crisis communications plan should cover all the basic pillars of potential risks focusing on specific areas and not on every possible detail. We cannot cover every aspect of an issue in order to be prepared for a crisis.
  2. But if we cannot have a foolproof plan what could we do? We need to have the right people in right positions who are capable of dealing with a crisis under any circumstances. Successful companies prepare themselves for a crisis putting the right people in key positions. A team of communications experts with experience in crisis management is necessary in order to deal with issues and protect the reputation of a company. This team of communications professionals is a keystone in every crisis management plan because these people must be ready to face the uncertainty and transform it into trust and confidence among the stakeholders.